Fort William say whattttt. 

I awoke this morning in Glasgow roughly at 3:00am. (Jet lag) Took a walk to find food, only to find out everywhere was closed. The breakfast at my hotel didn’t start till “half past 6” so I sadly got back in my bed, trying not to wake my roommate. (I did) Hours later I awoke and had breakfast. The only thing I could stomach was the bread. Turns out jet lag takes away appetite. 

After that we hopped on a bus to Fort William. We stopped along the way for some pictures. This was the town where Hagrid’s hut was filmed! (Below)

We arrived at Fort William shorty there after. The view from our hotel, (hostel) is beautiful. (Below)

Before we rode the steam train, ya know.. The one that was filmed in the movies, I had a fabulous lunch. My appetite definitely returned.  

I also got to watch Ashley make her own tea for the first time, which was hilarious. 

The train was so much fun. We had a beautiful view the entire time. We also got to see a couple spots where the movies were filmed including Dumbledore’s grave and the bridge traveled on by the Hogwarts Express!

And now I get to end my day staring out at my beautiful view!


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