Getting Started..

So here is whats going on…

In roughly a month, I will be embarking on a 2 week long journey to the UK with 19 of my fellow students.  We are doing this in order to dive farther into the world of Harry Potter.

Did I not mention? I am in a Harry Potter class at WIU. We discuss the relevance of Great Britain in reference to Harry Potter, as well as issues of social justice that come up on either the novels, or the films. It is safe to say its a pretty sweet class.

I’m writing this blog in order to tap into my love for writing, (I’m and English major if you didn’t know) as well as address some important themes from the world of Harry Potter that I have had the chance to study. I also will be including vlogs in this stream of consciousness. I am doing so in order to get comfortable with myself, as well as create a personal connection with anyone who decides to read this.

I am looking forward to sharing how amazing this class is!


Annie Saba




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