Well, now that I have had enough time to get back into regular life I thought I would make one last post.

This trip was fantastic. I got to do and see so many things that otherwise I don’t think I would have seen ever in my life.

I am truly thankful that I was given this opportunity. 

The one regret I have is not indulging more in food. Being a picky eater, I struggled a bit and MAYBE went to Mcds a few times.

I will miss spending time with the amazing people who went on this trip with me. And I will leave you with a video of the cat I wouldn’t stop talking about.



Last day blues

Well it’s my very last day in London. And I am not exactly spending it wisely. I’ve done more in these last two weeks than I have this entire year as far as walking, sightseeing, eating, taking pictures, etc… I’ve hit a wall as far as energy goes.

However I don’t feel guilty about this. If I had done this trip by myself, I would feel extremely accomplished with what I’ve done. 

As sad as I am that this trip is about to be over, I am extremely excited to see friends as family. I’m also excited about giving everyone their souvenirs.


Free day in London!

Well, I completely underestimated how far Buckingham Palace was from our hotel. It was about a 1 hour walk. Either way, I got there and it was beautiful. 

I was able to remake a picture my dad took there 37 years ago. Which I thought was pretty cool.

I also got up close and personal with many different kinds of birds. Didn’t realize how big swans were!

On the way back, I stopped to get fish and chips. It was delicious.

After the hour walk back to the hotel, I was exhausted. So I retired to my room and read some of the fifth Harry Potter book. 


It was amazing! I literally can’t explain how awesome this experience was. I was in the screening room, and they played us a little like, preview thing. They had bits of all of the movies. I literally got the chills. These book / movies have been such a huge part of my life. It was awesome to come and see everything come to life. I took some awesome pictures as well!

Second day in London!

We went to Bath, and Stonehenge today! 

We were able to see some of the houses used for the Harry Potter films. Below are Harry’s parents house as well as Slughorns.

After that I was able to go to the Roman Bath Museums.

We then went to Stonehenge! Which was just beautiful! 

First day in London!

Well the four hour train ride to London was alright. We kept going trough tunnels that would pop the heck out of my ears. We got to Kings Cross station, and then made our way to our hotel. 

After dropping off my luggage and getting unpacked (I like to nest) I walked over to a park with a few of my classmates and just hung out. There were so many dogs everwhere.

After that, we all ventured over to a different hotel to have high tea. The food was interesting. The scone was fantastic. 

We then took the tube to a different part of London, where Maggie and I sat at a park and people watched. We saw some crazy guy having an argument with himself which was interesting. We also saw some dude jumping off of rocks and doing flips. Quite dangerous.

Later on a big group of us went on a Jack the Ripper tour.